Stone and Light


Stone & Light is a simple puzzle game, in which you must arrange colored stones of different values on a grid in order to match up with certain requirements.


You will be shown a collection of stones arranged in a grid. A ray of light will be visible on the grid as well. Clicking on a stone will change it's color and shape. Each type of stone has a value: - Red (four-sided) stones have a value of 1 - Green (six-sided) stones have a value of 2 - Blue (twelve-sided) stones have a value of 3 You must arrange the stones so they fulfill the following requirements: 1. The sum of the values of the stones in each column and each row must be a multiple of 3 (the sums are displayed for you) 2. For each type of stone, the number you have placed on the grid must exactly match the number required (these requirements are displayed on the right hand side of the screen) 3. You must ensure that the ray of light touches only the type of stone indicated in the Illuminate box on the right side of the screen When all three conditions are met, you will have completed the current puzzle. You may generate a new puzzle at any time, using the green swirling arrow button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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